For over 2 years ago, our beloved universe had pressed the pause button and hid the remote. For us at OOZOO, a watch brand that creates fashionable accessories that display time, it has been very ironic, given that a lot of us have been feeling like time stood still. However, the time has come to get back in control and hit the play button. As you may have read in the news, blogs and articles everything is slightly going back to the (new) normal. A new era has started and we are starting to be more positive, appreciative and hopeful for the future. Let’s be honest, the global lockdowns have also given us some new insights about things that were already there, but maybe got overlooked. We’re talking about the wonders in the world and the overall beauty of the universe that we are living in and how we should treasure this more. Therefore, our new Spring Summer Collection is an ode to our surroundings, space, roots, environment or in other words; L I F E.

For this collection we have segmented our admiration into a couple important aspects of life. We have tried to translate this into joyous summer series for the OOZOO Timepieces Collection. Each series represents an aspect of life that inspired our choice for materials, colors and design.

Something for everyone

OOZOO watch C10903

This new normal, new era and new generation showed us a lot of interesting topics to think about. Among other things, the importance of community and feeling included. Where we already had a lot of designs that are unisex, we are kicking this new collection off with a merge of one of our bolder designs in the mix with some very soft rainbow colors.

Broaden your horizon

OOZOO watch C10906

It’s not always a good idea to rush things and therefore we are going to adjust us to the new normal in different stages. Let’s start by saying goodbye to those pyjama’s and laptop and say hello! to your class mates / office buddies, that you maybe even have not met yet in real life. All the more reason to come back strong. This classic, compact design in earthy colors is the perfect subtle way to turn those video meetings into face to face convo’s at the coffee machine. Broaden your horizon again with a couple of horizon blue dials.

A breath of fresh air

OOZOO watch C10912

The sky is a remarkable thing with all it’s different faces and colours. We tried to capture this variety of colour ranges and different facets in our dials. We also wanted to point out that after rain comes sunshine and that there’s always a sunny sideto everything. We have tried to symbolize this positivity with the shine of sunrays into the dark stormy dials.

Both feet on the ground

OOZOO watch C10915

A breath of fresh air made us realize to also pay attention to what’s below us. Especially now, it’s important to stay grounded, while our planet is so heavily changing due to global warming and the pandemic. Consciousness about the future and in which direction we would like to grow has to start with treating planet earth with more love and care. Therefore, we want to pay our respect to the beautiful strong colors, that our globe has given us.

Who isn’t fond of fauna?

OOZOO watch C10922

All creatures are unique in their own way, but some of them have specific features that are very well suited as a source of inspiration. We have worked with this specific pattern for years, as many other fashion brands, but not yet in this version. We took one of our reptile patterns and designed a new stainless steel bracelet with a new chain composition. Say hello to our new Stainless Steel Snake bracelet.

Where is the love?

OOZOO watch C10925

The Black Eyed Peas have been questioning this for over almost 20 years! A thing that the lockdowns have taught us, that it’s essential to connect and reconnect with your environment. That means your family, friends, as well as your surroundings. Spread some love wherever you go and to whoever you’ll meet. As a reminder, we have put our love on top, just like Queen Bey, in this amazing loveable series.

Free as a Butterfly

OOZOO watch C10931

Another lesson that we have learned is to appreciate the freedom that we are given. The liberty of traveling the world, eating the finest foods and enjoying drinks with loved ones. We have symbolized our appreciation for freedom in the majestic form of a butterfly, that tells us that the sky is the limit and all things can grow into something beautiful.

And beyond

OOZOO watch C10938

Beyond the limited sky, there’s a whole other world out there. A mysterious galaxy that’s still full of undiscovered secrets. The things humanity has revealed are only what our eyes can perceive, such as the mystic colors, galactic patterns and shiny stars. For this series we took advantage of the curiosity we have for the galaxy’s secrets and took a walk of 10.000 steps down Milky Way in order to create this sparkling series.

Changing of the seasons

OOZOO watch C10943

It’s almost Springtime! In this new season, everyone is coming out of hibernation and looking forward to the lighter, airy days, when the leaves slowly turn green and the birds start chirping again. The first crocuses are a fact and the first bird's nests have been spotted. These first introductions to the warmer days of the year are central to this series. The oval clock represents the new life that comes with the spring.

Fruits of Mother Nature

OOZOO watch C10948

We need to be very aware of how we can preserve the planet as best as we can. Nature has so many beautiful things to offer, which has been the inspiration for this series. The soft joyous colours such as arctic blue, apricot orange and rose pink symbolize the lively environment when everything grows and blooms in its natural way.

We like to party

OOZOO watch C10951

As much as we have learned the past two years, we are also yearning for the better days, when everything was ‘normal’. Now that we know that we shouldn’t take our freedom and our beautiful surroundings for granted, can’t we just celebrate now? We would like to sparkle it up and raise our glass to you and an amazing fashionable new season. So get into your party wardrobe, your fresh new wristwear and celebrate the new era!

At last, we would like to thank everyone for their support and taking the time to read our blog. Stay healthy, stay fashionable.

Love, team OOZOO

March 23, 2022 — Laurie Simon