I have not received a charger.
Please contact us by emailing repair@oozoo.com
My Bluetooth connection has been lost.
The maximum distance between the smartwatch and the paired phone is 10-15 meters without obstacles. When there are obstacles (for example a wall), the maximum distance is reduced.
Is the pedometer distance incorrect?
Have you set your height and weight in the DaFit app? This can be done in the DaFit app under the heading ‘profile’. Make sure the watch is not too loose around your wrist.
A green light flashes on the back of the watch.
The green light flashes when the watch is in heart rate or blood pressure monitor mode. The light should go out after a short amount of time.
Is this not happening? Reset the watch by navigating to the home screen and long-press the touch button twice. Then choose "reset".
Are messages not getting through to the smartwatch?
Reinstall the DaFit app. In the DaFit app you can indicate per channel which notifications you want to receive. Switch it on and/or off. Check whether you have given the DaFit app access to read and open notifications. You can check this on your phone at ‘Settings> DaFit app> Notifications’.
When the smartwatch does not work, the following applies in all cases:
  1. Reset the watch by long pressing the touch button twice. Then choose "reset".
  2. Reinstall the DaFit app.
  3. Delete/forget the smartwatch from the Bluetooth menu of your phone.
  4. Reconnect with the watch in the DaFit app (not via the Bluetooth menu).
Does the smartwatch do nothing at all?
Place the watch on the charger.
Still nothing happening? Please contact us by emailing repair@oozoo.com